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About Metro Asphalt


         Established in 1992, Metro Asphalt has been providing quality workmanship in all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications in Metropolitan Toronto and surrounding areas. The Companies goal is to satisfy its customers and take pride in our workmanship and services. Therefore, Metro Asphalt owns and operates equipment that meets all government regulations, and maintains them within manufacturers specifications. All services are provided by Metro Asphalt.

         Metro Asphalt is dedicated in working towards strengthening our companies establishment and reputation. In order for us to be successful, a customer relationship is developed to understand your present/future projects on maintaining your properties; to work within your budgets and to assist with projecting a year round plan.

         Our engineering departments and skilled team members stand apart from our competitors being equally advantageous for small and large projects. Our directive at Metro Asphalt is focused on creating ways to improve, and at the same time minimize our clients costs; yet maintaining quality workmanship. Over the years Metro Asphalt has established a solid foundation, for being able to acquire bonding for both public and private contacts.

        Our experience and exceptional commitment to meeting our customers needs and quality workmanship, has established Metro Asphalt as one of the most recognized in the industry.