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Catch Basin Repairs

Catch Basin Repairs - All Year around Service

        Catch basins are storm grates found along the curb of the road and in the backyards. Their purpose is to drain surface water from roads and private property and into storm sewers and to trap debris before it enters into the drainage pipes.

Catch Basins are not all the same and repairs differ. Most commonly, catchbasins are built on concrete rings, while others are built based on an older system-brick and mortar. All Brick and mortar system repairs necessitate us to remove the bricks and rebuild the catch basin using modern catch basin rings.

Another type is the custom catch basin made of precast concrete. We usually need to saw cut the surface perimeter in 1" segments, hand chisel them, and then place catch basin rings as per the requirement. We then need to purge the gaps of broken chisel work.


All quotes depend on the kind of repairs you require. For a free and accurate estimate, give us a call. We will come and inspect each catch basin, to see what type and condition they are in.