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Parking Lot Paving and Repairs

Parking Lot Repair Procedure

        All of our clients have one thing in common and that is to improve the look and condition of their asphalt. They learned that by hiring experts to do the job right the first time, they could save money in the long run.

We, at Metro Asphalt, make parking lot repairs easy with our step-by step process, state of the arc equipment and top-quality products. Our paving experts in Toronto take the time to offer their expert advise on how to best use our services and how to make the most of our expertise. We are your No.1 resource and your No.1 source for information regarding any parking lot repairs.



    • Inspect and detect all asphalt repairs. Once the necessary repairs are determined, we spray paint & mark the appropriate areas
    • We saw cut the repairs in a straight edge form using an asphalt saw cutting machine. After saw-cutting the areas, we remove the asphalt and dispose it off site
    • We check the sub base for soft spots. A new foundation is created with 3/4 crushed stone and is compacted with heavy duty equipment. In some cases, depending on the use of high/low trifurcated areas in the parking lot, we may have to build a sub base with up to 16" of gravel
    • Once the base is applied and compacted, we spray a bonding agent (asphalt tacc coat glue) to the surfaces of the base coat to ensure proper bonding and longer lasting pavement during freeze and thaw cycles
    • We then pave the final top-coat with 2 of HL3 to ensure a solid compaction ratio
    • Contact us and book your appointment today. Our asphalt paving experts in Toronto are personally committed to offering the most superb customer service. If you would like to contact us with a question or comment, one of our associates will be happy to assist you. We look forward to doing business with you