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Road & Parking Lot Pavement Markings

        We have over twenty-five years of experience in lay-out and re-striping of pavement markings. Using airless line stripers to produce crisp, precise lines with no fuzzy edges. Our airless line sprayers can produce a line from 2" to 24" wide, to produce a single line, double lines or solid/skip lines. A glass bead dispenser applies glass beading, to secure the distribution of beads and ensures the line to be reflective throughout the application. We have all basic stencils/lettering and arrows of all sizes, and up to date handicap stencils with applicable safety blue backing. We also specialize in personalizing and creating your own custom stencils. We apply MTO Government approved traffic paint.


Hot Thermal Plastic

        Hot thermal plastic material is applied in thermal degradable bags or pre-melted solid blocks. Material is heated between 400/440 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is either sprayed or applied by the screed/extrusion method, using equipped applicators.

Normally thermal plastic is applied between 60-125 mils and is ideal for long lines or intersection marking on new paving. a formulated thermal plastic, known as Aggressive Bond Thermal Plastic has been designed so that it can be installed on new concrete, old concrete or aged asphalt with minimum surface preparation. This material is applied in the same procedure as the hot thermal plastic.

Thermal plastic can last over four years, glass beads are distributed therefore the reflectivity should be present for the life of the pavement marking. When lines or legends need to be re-stripped, hot thermal plastic can be applied directly over the existing pavement markings.

We specialize in all Roadway applications for several Municipalities, Metropolitan Toronto and surrounding areas.

Another specialty of ours is re-lining and re-striping parking lots throughout the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.


Pavement Marking Removal

        An additional service that we provide is pavement line marking removal. Either by using a sandblasting unit or a grinder with specialty designed cutter heads and adjusts for accurate depth control.

When line painting safety is our number one priority, we supply and install our own traffic control as per book 7.

Arrows, speed hump stripes, intersection crosswalks, we do it all.


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